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Cosmetic Puffs – First Ever Practice

Talk about a great piece of documentation. Here is the very first ever Cosmetic Puffs rehersal. This These 3 songs recorded on handheld quickly became four which we recorded on 4-track and performed did at the Vista just a day after. This was super surpising to find. It was hidden on side B of that Drunk By Noon tape. I am confident this has never seen the light of day and I bet I am the first person to listen to this recording since it was made or very shortly after – and here it is!

A Horrible New Year

CC put together a retrospective sometime in the late 90’s i think – limited CD release only. I have one of the covers somewhere or another around here, but i like the vibe of the master tape here. This is a pretty cool testament to the output of our old pal over the years. Pretty incredible really. Anyhow, without further ado:

Cosmetic Puffs – Original Band Raw 4 Track

This is one of my favorite projects I have ever been a part of. Something about the way the recording came out is just so raw and killer. Great performances! Anyhow, this is the raw 4 track tape. I did some eq and panning to round things out a bit. We recorded this in Myrtle Town and played a show that night at the Vista which was scheduled pretty last minute. I wish there were a recording of that show kicking around. Doubt it though. The instrumentals on the tape ended because I broke a bass string!
Me, Kevin, Mcgonagle, CC, and Cometbus on the drums.