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Los Banditos Muertos

From Gary:
This is James Harkins’ horror surf band from Arcata Ca in the early 2000’s. Later became the Invasions. Recorded by Max Brotman it was James on guitar, me on bass and Ben Hawkens on drums. We practiced at the Winston Smith house in Windsong Village and played a shit ton of shows in Arcata. Highlights were playing at Alchemy’s 330 Club warehouse opening for Phantom Limbs and Ding Dang another time there. James was an avid surfer so this was when he nicknamed me Sharkbait for bloodying and breaking myself so repeatedly while trying to surf at Moonstone, Powerpoles, and especially State Beach. Total kook but eventually I could get up on a funboard but then decided I wanted to live a little while longer so now I’m just a hodad. Fun times indeed!

Scary Gary – Death Bass
Dead Ben – Cave Drums
Creepy James – Zombie Git Box