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Crutch – Garage Recording 1996

This Crutch recording was made in my garage 1870 W 18th ave in Eugene, Oregon during summer 1996. James Forbes on bass and singing; Marten Bradley on guitar and singing; Jessie Wickman on drums. They parked their orange van in my driveway and hung out for several days. It was a blast having them as company. I can remember Jessie teaching my kid Cosmo how to do paradiddles with drumsticks on the concrete porch. James had this killer tiny red portable travel bong that we reefed a lot of good herb through. Marten was just cool as fuck. IN the summer heat, we tracked this shit in my hot garage on a mackie 1202 run through a Fostex x26 4 track recorder. The guys did their own vocals at night while I rested up and ate with the family. One of my favorite summer memories.
I don’t know the songs, James might say: hanging stateside is the first one. Sorry, go get bent,
Ed Cole 2017

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