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Great Depressions – Chris And Ray’s Place

Here is a pretty cool Great Depressions tape recorded at Chris and Ray’s place. This is different than the tape release. Also, the last song seems to be CC on drums and Spinas on guitar. Not sure who is playing the bass.

One thought on “Great Depressions – Chris And Ray’s Place”

  1. 1. take it down please
    2. This One Goes Out (tk 1)
    3. The Great Depressions Ode to Nowhere
    4. Fallin’ to Pieces
    5. practice jam
    6. Humboldt County Fair (tk 1)
    7. Humboldt County Fair (tk 2)
    8. The Great Depressions Ode to Nowhere
    9. Fallin’ to Pieces (tk 2)
    10 Fallin’ to Pieces (tk 3)
    11. Really
    12. Hero of the Vapors
    13. banter
    14. Humboldt County Fair (tk 3)
    15. This One Goes Out (tk 2)
    16. Jr. High Manual Shutdown with Fire
    17. Spinas, CC

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