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Great Depressions / Six-Volt Amps – Pantera Tape

So you can sort of see what I am dealing with here. So many of these tapes are either not labeled, or just mislabeled like this one. The last thing I think of when I am listening to 6VA is Pantera! Also, this is the best sound I have been able to get out of any Great Depressions stuff so far.

One thought on “Great Depressions / Six-Volt Amps – Pantera Tape”

  1. 1. Hero of the Vapors
    2. New Wave Rock Around the Freeze Frame
    3. Aliens are Greasers
    4. The Rise and Fall of the Great Depressions
    5. Ninja Skills
    6. Duh Nut
    7. Jr. High Manual Shutdown with Fire
    8. 6-Volt unknown
    9. 6-Volt Amps – Juggling Balls
    10. 6-Volt unknown

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