Cosmetic Puffs – First Ever Practice

Talk about a great piece of documentation. Here is the very first ever Cosmetic Puffs rehersal. This These 3 songs recorded on handheld quickly became four which we recorded on 4-track and performed did at the Vista just a day after. This was super surpising to find. It was hidden on side B of that Drunk By Noon tape. I am confident this has never seen the light of day and I bet I am the first person to listen to this recording since it was made or very shortly after – and here it is!

Great Salvation – Practice, Live, Early Demos and Alt Versions

Pretty excited Benny is hooking us up with a bunch of Great Salvation demos and practice stuff. Here is the first batch. I only got to see these guys once in Arcata (my drunk ass played with Audio Wreck that night at the same show), and I really wish I had gotten to experience this band more. I was lucky enough to work with Benny getting the record done and am real proud of that project.

Watermelon Guns – Live At The Vista 5.8.2000

Here is another one I missed. I was living in San Francisco at the time and had no idea this was going on. I would have high-tailed my ass back home to see these dudes do Clouds Taste Metallic had I known.. Not sure the entire lineup here. Maybe Swan or Jon or Tim on keys, Joaquin on drums? CC is singing obvs. Not sure who else ios in there.