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4 thoughts on “Electric Nate’s Set – Recorded 03/12/2002 by Chris G”

  1. I think your missing the point my friend. It’s about documenting music. Truth be told you & I have made some pretty shitty music as well.

  2. This is now the official release of,

    Electrik Nates Set-
    “Delivering Your Future”
    1. First Chord
    2. Waiting to Hear From You
    3. Arcata (Love Dies Everywhere)
    4. Like Neil Young
    5. When Penguins Fly
    6. Spoilt Milk
    7. 2+2=? [written by Bob Seger]
    8. For My Partner
    9. Poor Ma, Poor Dad

    Nate Pierce-Vocals, guitar, sax
    Keith Krate-Lead guitar, backing vocals
    Michael Chappell-Drums

    All songs are completely baseless

    Recorded in a little over an hour by Chris Gonzalez

    Dedicated to Keith,
    I’m sorry I never found a better mic for you.

    A lot of people are saying;

    “This band was like three or four semi trucks attached by heavy chains of boozing bond(age) pulling at full force, outward, in
    mulitiple [sic] directions.”- wikiSCUM

    “Complete shit, waste of time.”-Colin g

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