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4 thoughts on “Glitter Doll”

    1. First of all Frankie was glitter doll. He then merged into him playing with other local San Francisco, then moved with his girls Coleen , Angie, he then carried it on in Humboldt, with musicians as such as Nick Reynolds, Angie, Stephan, at hell house. One thing, he was never in nun’s with guns, as I was their second drummer. He was friends with joe and Becca from nuns .So if you want know more,original pics. With him with love and rockets ,etc . Long live glitter gun

  1. Git it’ St⭐R H💣💣KER you sccccccaaaaantless whore! Are you scantless…..scantful or R U just SCANT????!!
    NoiseGaWd! LuV U 4eVa biiiitch!
    You git it!
    U Gawd it!
    U No Its GoOd!
    The things I git u WISH U cOuLD! But it’z
    Going, going ,going ,going,going, Going, going, gOing……….GoNE!!!! Assout of it! The ClInCheR!!!!! Fuck it SuCk iT or leave it alone!

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